Princess Lynne

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Call me 9 AM till 8 PM EST
Phone fantasies and counseling.  In-person sessions available.  Free inquiry.


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You are enchanted by me.

You are enthralled by me.

You are captivated by me.

You belong to me.

You are falling under my spell…  

Stare into the eyes of my dragon, and just relax for me.  Listen to the sound of my voice.  You will hear and obey my commands.  You want to be seduced by me.  I will hypnotize you.  You are falling under my spell…

 I use hypnosis to enforce my will.  I believe in female supremacy and you will too before I’m done with you.  You will hear my voice inside your head commanding you to call me.   You can’t help yourself, you must obey.


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