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Call me 10 AM till 8 PM EST
Phone fantasies and counseling.  In-person sessions available.  Free inquiry.

My Desires

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Things I truly adore:

* masochists who love the pain I love to give
* little sissy girls, pretty and sweet, or total sluts
* role plays involving bizarre fantasies and hypnosis
* slaves who have an attitude of service and devotion.

I am a true sadist.  I get an enormous sexual thrill from inflicting pain.  This has always been true, although I never had an outlet for it until I first ventured out into the scene.  *evil laugh*

I love transvestites and cross dressers of all kinds.  I have many little girls with whom I enjoy playing by phone and in person.

Role playing can be fabulous fun!  I have enjoyed being an interrogator of spies, a hypnotist, a governess, an executioner, and more.

Training slaves is an on-going process that I find endlessly rewarding.  Whipping, spanking, CBT, nipple torture, dildo play, toilet training... the list of my pleasures goes on and on.  It's wonderful seeing a slave being whipped into shape.

I've been playing in the scene since 1981.  From the first time I entered the old Hellfire Club in NYC, I knew I'd found my true place in the world.  Since that time, the SM/BD scene has been the center of my social life.   When I joined PEP, after many years in the corporate world, the scene started to become the focus of my professional life as well.  I'm a very lucky lady indeed!

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